Dienstag, 14. August 2012


Spines and scales in connection with luminous colours and bright eyes, thats what makes lizards so fascinating. Beginning with a moodboard the task was to create at least 5 wearable pieces and one showpiece. My focus was to create glamourous and at the same time natural jewelry. The materials I used are copper and tombac, swarovski and quartz crystals.

Freitag, 3. August 2012


How can jewelry and fashion influence each other and how can I as a jewelry designer create a link between different materials and approaches? Starting with a drawing the lines are spread over textile and transformed into three dimensional objects.

Mittwoch, 4. April 2012


The creation of the fictive jewelry label IKI was a group project. Every collection had to be sellable and productible. My collection for the IKI is pureline is characterized by recognition value and minimalistic shapes.The used materials are gold plated brass and textile cords to comunicate high quality andevery day wearability.

   Foto: Christian Metzler

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